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Star Alliance

Star Alliance
Launch date 14 May 1997
Full members 28
Non-voting members 29 affiliates
Pending members 2
Destination airports 1,329
Destination countries 194
Annual passengers (M) 678.5
Annual RPK (G) 990.24
Fleet size 4,570
Management Mark Schwab (CEO),[1] Calin Rovinescu
Alliance slogan The Way The Earth Connects
Headquarters Frankfurt am Main Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
Website www.staralliance.com

Star Alliance is the world's first and largest global airline alliance, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (near Frankfurt Airport).[2] Founded in 1997, its name and emblem represent the five founding airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and United Airlines. Star Alliance has since grown considerably and now has 28 member airlines with more than 21,100 daily departures combined. These flights reach 1,329 airports in 194 countries, with an annual passenger number of 678.5 million.

The CEO of the alliance is Mark Schwab,[1] replacing former CEO Jaan Albrecht who was named the winner of the Tony Jannus Award for distinguished leadership in the field of commercial aviation in 2010.[3]


Membership history

19971999: The first three years

On 14 May 1997, five airlines from three continents United Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Thai Airways International and Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) came together to launch Star Alliance.[4][5] The newly established alliance selected Young & Rubicam Advertising to increase awareness of the new alliance, with a budget of $25 million, (18 million).[6] The five airlines shared the traditional star logo from the beginning with the five points representing the five founding airlines. The alliance also adopted their first slogan "The Airline Network for Earth",[4] with the goal being to have "an alliance that will take passengers to every major city on earth".[5]

VARIG joined the Star Alliance network,[4][7] on 22 October 1997 making it the alliance's first "new" member and its gateway airline into South America.

In March 1999, Ansett Australia and Air New Zealand both became members of the alliance, connecting the alliance to Australia and the Pacific.[8] Upon the joining of the two carriers, Star Alliance served 720 destinations in 110 countries with a combined fleet of 1,650 aircraft.

Toward the end of 1999, The Austrian Airlines Group decided to apply for membership in the Star Alliance network, planning to become a full member in the new millennium. Finally, in October 1999, All Nippon Airways joined the alliance and became the group's second Asian airline.[9]

2000: New millennium and major expansion

The new millennium started off with the significant admission of The Austrian Airlines Group (Austrian Airlines, Tyrolean Airways and Lauda Air) in March. Singapore Airlines joined the next month as a full member on 1 April[10][11] giving the alliance an even stronger foothold in the Asian market. On 1 July BMI (British Midland) and Mexicana Airlines simultaneously joined Star Alliance, bringing the total membership tally up to 13.[12] The joining of BMI made London Heathrow the only European hub with two competing alliances. During the year, Emirates considered joining Star Alliance, but would later opt not to join.[13] The same year, now defunct BWIA West Indies Airways who had entered an alliance with United Airlines considered becoming a member. BWIA however never joined the alliance.[14] In 2000 the alliance also opened its first three business centers in Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Bangkok as well as announcing the completion of its full-time Alliance Management Team (AMT) the executive body of the partnership.

In 2001, Ansett Australia left the alliance due to bankruptcy which subsequently handed over a majority of the Australian market to Qantas, a rival Oneworld Alliance member. During this year Star Alliance also announced the appointment of their new CEO, Jaan Albrecht.

2003 saw the admission of three new airlines to the alliance. Asiana Airlines joined on 1 March,[15] LOT Polish Airlines, the official flag carrier of Poland, joined in October,[16] and Spanair, Spain's low cost carrier, joined on 1 May.[17]

In 2004 Croatia Airlines, Blue1, and Adria Airways inaugurated the alliance's regional network. US Airways joined the alliance after a one-year joining process which started in June 2003[18] becoming the alliance's second US-based airline. Mexicana Airlines left Star Alliance after deciding not to renew a codeshare deal with United Airlines and later joined Oneworld.

In 2005, Star Alliance invited Lineas Aereas Azteca to join the alliance in mid-2007. Star Alliance saw the admission of TAP Portugal on 14 May, thereby adding new African destinations to Star Alliance's network.[19][20] After merging with US Airways under the US Airways name, America West Airlines joined, working through US Airways original membership, but would never be considered an individual member.

In 2006 South African Airways became the first African airline to become a Star Alliance member, as well as raising the alliance's membership tally up to 18.[21] On 1 April, at a ceremony in Zurich, Swiss International Air Lines joined the alliance as the 19th member.[22] SWISS' predecessor, Swissair was due to join the alliance in 2001, but the airline went bankrupt in October of that year.

Tenth anniversary

In May 2007, Star Alliance and its members celebrated the alliance's 10th anniversary. During the previous decade, Star Alliance had grown from a membership of five airlines to include 17 carriers around the world.[23] Each day the Star Alliance's members have a combined daily departure of 16,000 to 855 destinations in 155 countries, serving 406 million passengers annually. As part of the celebration and to increase awareness of the alliance, Star Alliance launched a global consumer promotion.[24] Prizes included round-the-world air tickets, the paying of related expenses, as well as monetary prizes.[25] On the same day Star Alliance also launched the Biosphere Connections, a partnership with three international organisations UNESCO, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Ramsar Convention On Wetlands to promote environmental sustainability.[23][26]

Today, nearly 30% of global air travellers use the services of our member carriers or, looking at it from an overall industry perspective, two thirds of world-wide air travellers use one of the three airline alliances.

Jaan Albrecht, CEO Star Alliance[27]

Other significant events which took place included the ejection of VARIG from the alliance on 31 January.[28] In addition to this, two major Chinese airlines, Air China and Shanghai Airlines, joined on 12 December.

20082010: Expansion and 2nd decade of operations

On 1 April 2008, Turkish Airlines joined the alliance after an 18-month integration process since December 2006, becoming the seventh European airline[29] in the alliance, which had thus reached a total of 20 members. EgyptAir, the official airline of Egypt, joined on 11 July 2008,[30] becoming the second African airline. The airline joined following its 75th anniversary the previous year, an event which EgyptAir used to subsequently relaunch its image and brand.[30]

On 27 October 2009, Continental Airlines became the 25th full member of the alliance after leaving SkyTeam on 24 October. At a joining ceremony in New York City, Jaan Albrecht, CEO of Star Alliance, said, "Bringing Continental Airlines into Star Alliance has been a truly unique experience. This is the first time an airline has moved directly from one alliance to another and I would like to thank all those involved in ensuring a smooth switch". At the time, it was rumoured that the switch was part of Continental's initial move in its plan of a United-Continental merge.[31] Brussels Airlines (on 9 December) also become a member.

On 13 May 2010, leading Brazilian carrier TAM Airlines was admitted following a joining ceremony in São Paulo,[32] thereby furthering the alliance's foothold in South America, which is currently considered by SkyTeam as an important market.[33] Aegean Airlines, Greece's largest airline in terms of passengers carried, joined on 30 June.[34] Fellow Greek airline Olympic Air originally intended to also join the alliance if their merger with Aegean Airlines was approved by the EU, but in February 2011 the merger proposal was rejected and Olympic Air had longer slated to join until October of 2012 when Aegean Airlines bought Olympic Air.

Shanghai Airlines left the alliance on 31 October 2010, due to its merger with China Eastern Airlines, a future member of Star Alliance's rival SkyTeam.[35] On 29 September, the Chief Executive Board approved Ethiopian Airlines's application for membership, with the airline to become the 30th member.[36]

As of September 2010, Star Alliance flies to 1,172 airports in 181 countries, with approximately 21,200 daily departures.[36]

Expansion during 2011 and beyond

After further delays, Air India failed to meet the unanimous consensus of member airlines and instead paved way for the entry of Jet Airways to the alliance.[37][38] In 2010, Colombian Avianca & Salvadorian TACA Airlines were invited into Star Alliance.[39] During the same year, former SkyTeam affiliate member Copa Airlines is also expected to be admitted.[40][41]

On 6 July 2011, Shenzhen Airlines was formally accepted as future member. Joining in late 2012 the airline will be the alliance's second member in the People's Republic of China following the departure of Shanghai Airlines in 2010.[42]

With its entry on 13 December 2011 Ethiopian Airlines adds to Star Alliance's network five new countries and 24 unserved destinations. In the beginning of January 2012 Continental Airlines formally left the alliance after finalizing its merger with United Airlines. Shortly after this on 27 January 2012, longtime member Spanair left the alliance after suffering financial collapse and ceasing operations. Soon after, bmi also left on 20 April 2012 due to acquisition by International Airlines Group (IAG), a parent company of British Airways, a Oneworld member. Together these consecutive exits brought the total number of member airlines down to 25.[43]

On 29 March 2012, it was announced that EVA Air would join Star Alliance in 2013[44]

On 21 June 2012 Avianca, TACA Airlines and Copa Airlines have officially joined Star Alliance becoming the alliance's 26th, 27th and 28th members.[45]

On 22 October 2012 Star Alliance member Aegean Airlines bought Olympic Air from Marfin Investment Group. Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines will run as separate brands but Olympic Air is expected to join Star Alliance in the spring of 2013 following approval from the European Commission.

On 29 November 2012 Shenzhen Airlines officially joined Star Alliance becoming the 29th member and strengthening the alliance's network in China.[46]

On 8 March 2013 TAM Airlines announced that they would be leaving Star Alliance and moving to Oneworld. That happened after the merger with LAN Chile, a Oneworld member. The move is due for late 2013-early 2014.

Member airlines

Full members and their member and non-member affiliates
Member airline Joined Member affiliates Non-member affiliates
Adria Airways 2004 N/A N/A
Aegean Airlines 2010 N/A N/A
Air Canada[A] 1997 Air Canada Express[B] operated by:[47][48]

Air Georgian
Jazz Aviation
Sky Regional Airlines
Air Canada Rouge
Air Canada Jetz

Air China 2007 N/A Air Macau

Dalian Airlines[49]
Shandong Airlines

Air New Zealand 1999 Air New Zealand Link[B] operated by:

Air Nelson
Eagle Airways
Mount Cook Airline

All Nippon Airways 1999 Air Japan

ANA Wings

AirAsia Japan


Asiana Airlines 2003 N/A Air Busan
Austrian Airlines 2000 Austrian Arrows[B] operated by:

Tyrolean Airways
Lauda Air

Avianca[F] 2012 AeroGal

Avianca Brazil

Tampa Cargo
Brussels Airlines 2009 N/A Korongo Airlines
Copa Airlines 2012 Copa Airlines Colombia N/A
Croatia Airlines 2004 N/A N/A
EgyptAir 2008 EgyptAir Express Air Cairo

Air Sinai
Smart Aviation Company

Ethiopian Airlines 2011 N/A ASKY Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines 2003 N/A EuroLOT
LOT Charters
Lufthansa[A] 1997 Lufthansa Regional[B] operated by:

Air Dolomiti[C]
Augsburg Airways
Lufthansa CityLine[C]



Scandinavian Airlines[A]
1997 Blue1 Air Greenland

Estonian Air

Shenzhen Airlines 2012 N/A Henan Airlines

Kunming Airlines

Singapore Airlines 2000 N/A Scoot

Singapore Airlines Cargo
Tiger Airways
Tiger Airways Australia

South African Airways 2006 Airlink

South African Express

Congo Express


Swiss International Air Lines 2006 Swiss European Air Lines Edelweiss Air
TACA Airlines[F] 2012 LACSA

TACA Regional[B] operated by:
La Costeña

TAM Airlines[G] 2010 Pantanal Linhas Aéreas

TAM Airlines (Paraguay)

TAM Cargo
TAP Portugal 2005 Portugalia

PGA Express

Thai Airways International[A] 1997 Thai Smile Nok Air
Turkish Airlines 2008 N/A Anadolu Jet

B&H Airlines

United Airlines[A] 1997 United Express[B] operated by:

Cape Air
Chautauqua Airlines
Colgan Air
ExpressJet Airlines
GoJet Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Shuttle America
Silver Airways
SkyWest Airlines
Trans States Airlines

US Airways 2004 US Airways Express[B] operated by:

Air Wisconsin
Chautauqua Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Piedmont Airlines[E]
PSA Airlines[E]
Republic Airlines
SkyWest Airlines
Trans States Airlines
US Airways Shuttle


A Founding member.
B Airlines operating under the Air Canada Express, Air New Zealand Link, Austrian Arrows, Lufthansa Regional, TACA Regional, United Express and US Airways Express brands are not necessarily members of Star Alliance. However, flights are operated on behalf of the respective member airlines, carry their designator code and are Star Alliance flights.
C Members of Lufthansa Regional that are fully owned by Deutsche Lufthansa AG.
D Jointly owned by Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.
E Wholly owned By US Airways Group.
F Listed as separate airlines, but considered one member by the alliance.
G To exit the alliance by 2014, will join Oneworld with LAN Airlines considering as their alliance choice.[50]

Former member airlines and their member affiliates
Former member airline Joined Exited Affiliates
Ansett Australia[A]
Aeropelican Air Services
Hazelton Airlines
Kendell Airlines
Skywest Airlines
British Midland International[C]
bmi regional
bmi baby
Continental Airlines[D]
Continental Connection operated by:
Cape Air
Colgan Air
Gulfstream International Airlines
Continental Express operated by:
Chautauqua Airlines
ExpressJet Airlines
Continental Micronesia
Shanghai Airlines[F]
China United Airlines
Rio Sul

A Collapsed on 12 September 2001.
B Left the alliance on 1 November 2012 after SAS took over mainline operations, now a member affiliate of Scandinavian Airlines.
C Left the alliance on 20 April 2012 as a result of its merger with International Airlines Group. IAG's subsidiaries British Airways and Iberia are Oneworld members, bmi merged into British Airways on 27 October 2012.
D Merged with United Airlines on 3 March 2012.
E Left the alliance in 2004 after deciding not to renew a codeshare alliance with United Airlines, opting instead to codeshare with American Airlines, and joined Oneworld on 10 November 2009.
F Left the alliance in 2010 as a result of its merger with China Eastern Airlines, a SkyTeam member.
G Collapsed on 27 January 2012.
H Suspended its alliance membership on 31 January 2007 due to major restructuring, being involuntarily ejected, and failing to meet minimum qualifications.

Former member affiliate Joined Exited Member affiliate of
Air Canada Tango[B]
Air Canada
Air Nova
Air Canada
Air Ontario
Air Canada
AeBal (operating as Spanair Link)
Lufthansa Italia
United Shuttle[A]
United Airlines
Air Canada

A United Shuttle's operations ceased and became part of United Airlines.
B Air Canada Tango was dissolved and now is part of Air Canada.

Future member airlines
Future member airline Joining Member affiliates Non-member affiliates
18 June 2013[51]
N/A Uni Air[52]
Olympic Air
Possible future members

At the annual board meeting on 11 December 2008 in Chicago former Star Alliance CEO Jaan Albrecht revealed that the alliance is targeting up to 50 members. New management strategies, such as regional and global leaderships are being examined in order to handle a significantly larger alliance.[54]

Airlines having applied for membership/been invited to join

The following airlines have reportedly applied for membership or have been invited to join. However, there has been no official announcement yet, indicating that the application/invitation is pending at present.

Possible future member airline Affiliates Star Alliance
codeshare partners
Star Alliance
frequent-flyer programme partners
Jet Airways Jet Airways Konnect
Jet Lite
Air Canada
All Nippon Airways
Brussels Airlines
United Airlines
All Nippon Airways
Austrian Airlines
Brussels Airlines
South African Airways
Swiss International Air Lines
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
In May 2011 Lufthansa Passage CEO Carsten Spohr announced that Star Alliance had invited Jet Airways to join the alliance as second Indian member after Air India. He said Star had extended an open arm to both airlines and Jet Airways could join the alliance any time. Spohr indicated that Jet Airways was going full steam ahead and could be ready to join in a few months.[55]

In July 2012, Jet Airways officially sought government approval to join Star Alliance.[56]

Customer service

Codeshare flights between these airlines are, for the most part, seamless. This tight cooperation led to suspicions of anti-competitive behaviour, and the alliance was investigated by the European Union as a virtual merger of its members. Indeed, some speculated that if government regulations were relaxed, the members would merge into a single corporation,[57] although no evidence has yet materialized. Prior to Star Alliance, Northwest Airlines and KLM were operating together as the forerunners of the modern airline alliance system since 1993, although there had been even earlier pairings and groupings of airlines for decades on a less formal level. The creation of Star Alliance was a milestone in airline history because of its size. It sparked the formation of rivals, notably SkyTeam and Oneworld.

The alliance developed the "Regional" concept in 2004, which helped Star Alliance penetrate individual markets with the regional participation of smaller carriers. Regional Star Alliance members had to be sponsored by an existing full Star Alliance member. However, Star Alliance has stopped designating airlines as "Regional" members and now refers to all the 25 airlines as just "members".[58]

Star Alliance members now fly over 21,200 daily flights to 1,172 airports in 181 countries with a fleet of 4,025 aircraft. Its members carried a total of 627.52 million passengers with a turnover of US$156.8 billion, 145 billion. The alliance's market share is 28% of the global market based on revenue passenger kilometers (RPK), which is greater than the combined market share of all airlines that are not in any of the three major alliances. All Star Alliance carriers combined employ over 405,000 pilots, flight attendants, and other staff. Star Alliance was voted best airline alliance in the Skytrax 2007 World Airline Awards.[59]

Members' hubs
Member airlines Hub airports Focus city airports
Adria Airways Ljubljana Joe Punik Airport Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari
Aegean Airlines Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport
Heraklion International Airport
Larnaca International Airport
Thessaloniki International Airport
Corfu International Airport
Rhodes International Airport
Air Canada Calgary International Airport
Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
Toronto Pearson International Airport
Vancouver International Airport
Edmonton International Airport
Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport
Winnipeg International Airport
Air China Beijing Capital International Airport
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
Tianjin Binhai International Airport
Wuhan Tianhe International Airport
Air New Zealand Auckland Airport
Christchurch Airport
London Heathrow Airport
Hong Kong International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Wellington International Airport
All Nippon Airways Kansai International Airport
Haneda Airport (Domestic)
Narita International Airport (International)
Osaka International Airport
Chbu Centrair International Airport
New Chitose Airport
Asiana Airlines Gimpo International Airport (Domestic)
Incheon International Airport (International)
Gimhae International Airport
Jeju International Airport
Austrian Airlines Vienna International Airport Innsbruck Airport
Salzburg Airport
Avianca El Dorado International Airport
São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
Mariscal Sucre International Airport
Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport
Brasília International Airport
Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
José María Córdova International Airport
José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport
Miami International Airport
Rafael Núñez International Airport
Santos Dumont Airport
Brussels Airlines Brussels Airport N/A
Copa Airlines Tocumen International Airport

El Dorado International Airport

Juan Santamaría International Airport
La Aurora International Airport
Augusto C. Sandino International Airport
Miami International Airport
Croatia Airlines Zagreb Airport Dubrovnik Airport
Split Airport
EgyptAir Cairo International Airport Borg El Arab Airport
Hurghada International Airport
Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport
Ethiopian Airlines Bole International Airport N/A
EVA Air (Future) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Kaohsiung International Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
LOT Polish Airlines Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport Copernicus Airport Wrocaw
Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport
John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice
Katowice International Airport
Pozna-awica Airport
Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport
Lufthansa Düsseldorf International Airport
Frankfurt Airport
Munich Airport
Berlin Tegel Airport
Hamburg Airport
Stuttgart Airport
Olympic Air (Future) Athens International Airport Rhodes International Airport
Scandinavian Airlines Copenhagen Airport
Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Bergen Airport, Flesland
Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport
Stavanger Airport, Sola
Trondheim Airport, Værnes
Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Nanjing Lukou International Airport
Nanning Wuxu International Airport
Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
Sunan Shuofang International Airport
Singapore Airlines Singapore Changi Airport N/A
South African Airways OR Tambo International Airport Cape Town International Airport
Swiss International Air Lines Zürich Airport EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
Geneva International Airport
TACA Airlines El Salvador International Airport
Jorge Chávez International Airport
Juan Santamaría International Airport
La Aurora International Airport
Miami International Airport
Augusto C. Sandino International Airport
TAM Airlines Brasília International Airport
Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport
São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport
São Paulo-Congonhas Airport
TAP Portugal Lisbon Portela Airport
Porto Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport
Madeira Airport
Thai Airways International Suvarnabhumi Airport Chiang Mai International Airport
Incheon International Airport
Phuket International Airport
Turkish Airlines Atatürk International Airport Adnan Menderes Airport
Antalya Airport
Esenboa International Airport
United Airlines Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Denver International Airport
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Narita International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
O'Hare International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport
US Airways Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport[60]
Co-location (move under one roof)
City Airport IATA Terminal Exceptions
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL Concourse D
Barcelona Barcelona International Airport BCN Terminal 1
Beijing Beijing Capital International Airport PEK Terminal 3
Cairo Cairo International Airport CAI Terminal 3
Chicago O'Hare International Airport ORD Terminals 1, 2 & 5
Cleveland Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE Concourse C
Dallas Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport DFW Terminal D & E
Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport DEL Terminal 3
Denver Denver International Airport DEN Concourse B
Detroit Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW North Terminal
Dubai Dubai International Airport DXB Terminal 1
Edmonton Edmonton International Airport YEG South Terminal
Frankfurt Frankfurt International Airport FRA Terminal 1 "Star Alliance Terminal"
Hamburg Hamburg Airport HAM Terminal 2
Helsinki Helsinki Airport HEL Terminal 1
London London Heathrow Airport LHR Terminal 1 & 3
Mexico City Mexico City International Airport MEX Terminal 1
Miami Miami International Airport MIA Concourse J
Munich Munich Airport MUC Terminal 2
Paris Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG Terminal 1
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport GIG Terminal 2
San Diego San Diego International Airport SAN Terminal 2
San Francisco San Francisco International Airport SFO Terminal 1
US Airways
Terminal 3
United Airlines
International Terminal (Boarding Area G)
Seoul Incheon International Airport ICN Concourse A (West Wing)
Shanghai Shanghai Pudong International Airport PVG Terminal 2
Stockholm Stockholm-Arlanda Airport ARN Terminal 5
Tokyo Haneda Airport HND International Terminal
Tokyo Narita International Airport NRT Terminal 1 South Wing
Toronto Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ Terminal 1
Vienna Vienna International Airport VIE Austrian Star Alliance Terminal (Check-in 3)
Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport WAW Terminal 2
Premium status

Star Alliance has two premium levels, Silver and Gold, based on a customer's tier status in a member carrier's frequent flyer program. Each of the member and regional airlines recognizes Star Silver/Gold status, with a few exceptions (mainly pertaining to airport lounge access). The statuses have no specific requirements of their own; membership is based solely on the frequent flyer programs of individual member airlines. Many member airlines also have an additional premium status beyond Gold which is not recognised across Star Alliance.

Star Alliance Silver

Star Alliance Silver status is awarded to customers who have reached a premium level of a member carrier's frequent flyer program.

Benefits of Star Alliance Silver membership:

Some airlines also offer the following to Silver members:

Star Alliance Gold

Star Alliance Gold status is awarded to customers who have reached a high level of a member airline's frequent flyer program.

Benefits of Star Alliance Gold membership:

Some airlines also offer the following to Gold members:

Qualifying tiers by airline

Member airline Mileage program Star Silver
(qualifying tiers)
Star Gold
(qualifying tiers)
Austrian Airlines
Brussels Airlines
Croatia Airlines
LOT Polish Airlines
Swiss International Air Lines
Miles & More Frequent Traveller Senator
HON Circle
Aegean Airlines
Olympic Air
Miles & Bonus Blue Gold
Air Canada Aeroplan[61] Prestige 25K
Elite 35K
Elite 50K
Elite 75K
Super Elite 100K
Air China
Shenzhen Airlines
Phoenix Miles Silver Gold
Air New Zealand Airpoints Silver Gold
Gold Elite
All Nippon Airways ANA Mileage Club Bronze Super Flyers
Asiana Airlines Asiana Club Gold Diamond
Diamond Plus
Taca Airlines
LifeMiles Silver Gold
Copa Airlines
United Airlines
MileagePlus Premier Silver Premier Gold
Premier Platinum
Premier 1K
Global Services
EgyptAir EgyptAir Plus Silver Gold
Ethiopian Airlines Sheba Miles Silver Club Gold Club
EVA Air (Future) Evergreen Club TBA TBA
Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus Silver Gold
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Elite Silver Elite Gold
PPS Club
Solitaire PPS Club
South African Airways Voyager Silver Gold
TAM Airlines Fidelidade Blue Red
TAP Portugal Victoria Silver Winner Gold Winner
Thai Airways International Royal Orchid Plus Silver Gold, Platinum
Turkish Airlines Miles and Smiles Classic Plus Elite
Elite Plus
US Airways Dividend Miles Silver Preferred Gold Preferred
Platinum Preferred
Chairman's Preferred

Some Star Alliance members paint some of their planes with the Star Alliance livery, usually featuring a white fuselage with "Star Alliance" signature written across and a black tailfin with the Star Alliance logo. Singapore Airlines is the only exception, formerly opting to paint the tails of the aircraft with the airline's logo; and now applying the Star Alliance logo sans the black tailfin painting, leaving it white. Asiana Airlines was the first Star Alliance member to paint their aircraft in the current Star Alliance livery.[62] Aircraft painted in the airlines' own livery have the Star Alliance logo painted behind the cockpit. The Star Alliance logo has a diameter of approximately 70 cm (28 in).[citation needed] Currently, 80 aircraft are painted in Star Alliance livery.


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