Where in the world have you flown?
How long have you been in the air?
Create your own FlightMemory and see!


We would like to recommend the following sites:

Koordinaten.net - Software solutions for distance calculations with coordinates.
Supports FlightMemory with the automated creation of maps and data.

FlugzeugPoster.de - Live Radar of the Airport Frankfurt/Germany (FRA).

Useful ressources

Additionally, we would like to draw your attention to the following sites:

FlyerTalk.com - The ressource for any questions regarding civil aviation!

Ask the pilot: Your Ultimate Air Travel Resource

Swedish travel blog Resekoll.se

Airliners.net - The wings of the web - a really cool site for aviation fans!

Lotnictwo.net - Polish Aviation Forum

The FlightBlogger - Jon Ostrower loves flying!

Flightstory.net - the international aviation story database

ClipWings Become a part of the new online community for aviation - worldwide!

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...and a special Thanks to Emiliee and her friends for enjoying aviation. Happy landings to you all!