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Great feeback from Randy Peterson - Founder
of FlyerTalk - about his FlightMemory Poster.

Feedback about our posters


These are typical examples from our worldwide customers.

Received the map yesterday 05/21/2024). As always, map looks fantastic and will take pride of place in my home office.

happy to renew my premium status for another two years. I actively use Flightmemory to record my travel history and often look into the detailed statistics. I don’t know how it could be better (perhaps having the possibility to export to a spreadsheet for further data processing could be nice - export to PDF is a little limited).

Amazing quality. It's my 3rd update 10 years after I order my first poster. Became a center piece of my home decoration.

Love the Premium Membership. Have been Premium since 2015! Thanks for a great product!

Great Product.. This my third order and I have loved all of them! Keep up the great work !

Thank you as always for a great premium product. I am addicted to this.

perfect tool for any frequent traveller

My flight memory poster has arrived and I am delighted with it. Satisfaction is 100%. Thank you for offering this service/product and I highly recommend it to others!

Outstanding job! This is the second poster I order. The first was already the main attraction of my house. The new and updated one will add a lot more stories!

Superb product quality and first class packaging.

I loved the Poster I received!!! Very well done.. It looks great!!

E' bellissimo, meglio di quanto mi aspettassi, ottima grafica e qualità della fotografia. In futuro sicuramente lo riprenderò quando aumenterò i miei voli! (Italy)

The poster exceeded my expectations! Fantastic!

Fantastic! Fast shipping, great quality! Thank you!

The poster showing my first 10 years of flights looks wonderful. The quality is superb. I'm looking forward to eventually receiving another poster of my next 30 years of flying.

Wonderful presentation. I will continue to update and order again in the future.

I'm very happy! The poster is really great: perfect print on good paper! Also shipping was very fast: only 5 days from my web order to have poster in my house in Italy! Thank you very much... also for candy in the box! :-)

Amazing service! Love having this poster... a snapshot of my flight history... under a glass blotter in my office. It's become quite the conversation piece.

really chuffed with the poster - better than expected. now looking forward to framing and getting it up on the wall

Super! I really like this map. Its clear, conscise and shows the routes very well. Excellent idea and it is hanging in my office.

The poster exceeded my expectations, great thing.

Awesome product! Love it!

Very happy with the poster. What a great product! Great quality and as advertised. Thank you!

My poster arrived today, and I love it! It's a big one (32" X 48") and I'm having it framed currently. Thank you so much! It is the ultimate conversation piece!

After 1 month waiting, my poster finally arrived. And it's AWESOME! Great print quality, very clear and simply gorgeous. It was definately worth the wait. Congratulations to the Flight Memory team for such a nice product! Cheers from Brazil.

Service was fine after some delay due to postal services in UK.

I am very pleased with the poster, it looks very good in the frame I purchased for it (from IKEA).

It's just great!!
Orders arrived very quickly and are just great. You guys are doing a great job.
Just continnue the way you do.

Great service

An absolute must for any airline enthusiast. I have mine hanging from my flat wall and it is a conversation starter every time! Graphics are clear, layout is neat and uncluttered, and the quality of the poster is First Class. Get yours now. You won't regret it.

Poster safely received, much better than I expected - it's a birthday present from me to me to commerate 900 flights.
Many thanks,

Flightmemory.com is such a fantastic site that is perfect for frequent travelers. I needed a Christmas gift for my mom who travels a lot and I knew her map of travels from the website would be the perfect present. The Flightmemory.com staff was very helpful in the ordering and delivery of the map, making sure it got here quickly enough for Christmas. I am forever greatful! Thank you so much for such a wonderful site!

I love my map! The quality is excellent and it is a great conversation piece. I framed it and it hangs in my office. I will order another larger one soon. Thanks! Steve

These are typical examples from our german customers. Translated to show you what they say about our longer existing german service.

Hello, just received my 32x48'' poster - short summary: Brilliant quality and definitely recommendable!!! More than 600 flights are processed well and visualised very clearly. I will buy a picture frame in the coming days and then put up the poster in my office - as soon as I reach the 1000 mark, I will order the next one. Keep on and greetings.

The poster has arrived propberly. I am impressed by its quality. This is exactly what we have been looking for. The poster will get a special place in our entrance. Our guests will certainly ask us about it. Your service with the stats is a High Light. Many thanks. We will certainly recommend you.

I have received the poster and am very satisfied. Allthough 500 flights were implemented, everything can be read clearly.
Relly a great site. I hope this site stays here for long. Many thanks!

The poster has arrived. Very nice boxed. It really looks great and the paper it is printed on is really great.....I have much fun with it!!
I showed it to my friends immediately and they were thrilled, too. They said they want one, too!!
Many thanks - again. I hope the site stays online so I can make a new poster in one or two years!! GREAT IDEA! !!!!!

The poster has arrived last week!
WORLDCLASS is the only thing I can say.
My dad was very pleased with it.

Picked up the poster in Germany and am enthusiastic about it!
Up til now I had this old LH map (almost same size from my times in the office) and entered the flights myself on it.
But of course, I could never draw the lines so perfectly and the technic you use for print makes much better maps.
To put it short: I am hooked - 1000 times thank you!

Just now the poster arrived - it really looks great, has an above average quality and was boxed perfectly.

The poster with my Flightmemory just arrived yesterday by delivery.
Today I had the chance to look at it unhurried.
Despite my amount of flights (almost 500 in the last 35 years) the poster is clearly viewable and the airports can even be read.
The poster is really of great quality and the data was implemented perfectly.
A great wall decoration for my office.

On Friday I recieved your package, thank you for the fast processinf. The product has suprised me regarding clarity and acuity of the airport abbreviations. All together it really is a great idea, that will motivate frequent flyers, to order a poster each year! I have put my new poster for next year in my To-Do list.
Have success with your idea!

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