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FlightMemory - Ratings for: US Airways    


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The overview page for an airline, containing links to airline specific stats such as shown in the box on the right and the different ratings available today.

The ratings by months (last 24 months)

Ratigs by booking class

    All ratings by class

Class Ratings Rating  Top positive reason  Top negative reason 
First Class  240   3.9  Seating comfort  Seating comfort 
Business  98   3.8  Seating comfort  On board staff 
Economy  1,542   3.5  Punctuality  Punctuality 

Ratings of Distance

    All ratings by distance

Distance Ratings Rating  Top positive reason  Top negative reason 
Long Distance  389   3.5  Price-performance-ratio  Meals and drinks 
Middle Distance  462   3.6  Punctuality  Punctuality 
Short Distance  1,194   3.7  Punctuality  Punctuality 

Top 5 reasons for the ratings

Position Positive Negative
1  Punctuality  Punctuality 
2  OTHERS  Meals and drinks 
3  Seating comfort  Entertainment 
4  On board staff  Seating comfort 
5  Price-performance-ratio  On board staff 

Analysed and used for this page were 2.045 ratings for US Airways.
Included were all flights since 2008 that have been rated by different users.

These ratings reflect the opinion of the FlightMemory's and FlugStatistik's user and do not represent the opinion of the site publishers.

Data point portrayed: 2024-03-01 08:20:01 (run daily)